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Monday, March 31, 2008


Because we would never steal content from another Web site, we encourage our dear readers to engage in a bit of late 70's north suburban Chicago (among other places) nostalgia and scroll through this site. You'll enjoy it more if you have some pad thai, drunken noodles and mango-on-sticky-rice from a certain north suburban Chicago resturant like the Monz did, because Monz is simply the best.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Simply Radishing!
Leno's for a 10" veggie packed with radishes, carrots and jalapenos. Dare we say "Ka-bloom!"?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Head for The Hills!

The editors didn't really blow off blogging Monz' footlong veggie delite on whole wheat with peppers from The Place lunch so they could watch four episodes of season one of The Hills did they? Um....

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

National City Bank Lies to You!

We're so inspired by Monz' lunch (traveling to Deerfield for a veggie sandwich with applesauce from Kevin's Place), that we're going to take on yet another one of the "big boys" -- National City bank. They're running a radio ad featuring a young couple who receive an alert from the bank that someone is using their credit card! After stopping the wrongdoer, the young woman in the ad marvels at National City's largesse. "That means the bank was looking out for us...that's unusual."

No you idiots! National City is on the hook for all those phony credit card charges except for the first $50. If they weren't, they wouldn't have made that call -- not even collect! They're looking out for themselves! And now they want you (and the people listening to the ad) to feel all warm and fuzzy and feel the bank is looking out for you. Try being late on a credit card payment and see what happens! Bad National City, bad! National City sucks! (Any more googleable terms to get National City to find this post? Like Monz, we're brave!)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Introducing: Introducing the Lunchometer!

Today the editors provide a public service by registering the domain lunchometer.com. We invite Monz and our loyal readers to suggest a way to put this prime piece of Internet real estate to good use! Just as Monz put fermented soy wraps and vegetarian Japanese-style seaweed-ensconced finger food from Whole Foods to good use -- he had them for lunch!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lionel Richie Yummy Lunch!

Odd, but edifying, debates sometimes come up here at the MYL offices. Like, is Monz like Lionel Richie? "No Way!" shouts one editor. "Lionel Richie is easy, like Sunday morning - Monz is hard, like Monday morning!" "Yeah, but both went to high school in Illinois!" "But Richie played tennis, Monz excelled badminton and track." And on it went until Monz' lunch report came in.

Say you, Bacci's.
Say it forever, that's the way it sure seems
Say you, Bacci's
Bruschetta and linguine pomodoro
Together, naturally

We had a dream
We had an awesome dream
Monz escaping winter in May
Feasting like he did back in the day
Was a masquerade
Those lunches clogged the arter-ays.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Wheels in Motion!
Is it a coincidence that as a controversial Olympics converges on China, Taiwan elects a new president set on changing that nation's China policy and Monz brings back CFF? Longtime readers of the blog remember that there's nothing that the schemers in Beijing fear more than Monz! All we know is that Sino experts are frequently reading MYL, and maybe heading the China Garden for mixed vegetables with rice. Just for clues.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Aspiring, er, Singers Want to Know!
Monz was home for lunch: sesame encrusted tofu and cranberry cous-cous. He likey.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

For a Rocker!
As Monz dittolunches, we take this opportunity to look back on Jackson Browne's 1980's howl of protest, "Lawyers in Love." In retrospect, he got everything wrong -- from fashion to the Cold War to the nature of human relationships themselves. But at least he tried, which is more most popsters can say. Of course, Monz tries and gets it right, at least when he can choose his own lunch!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Courage in the Face of Quiet Desparation!

Imagine, you are at the local community college, out of place, taking continuing legal education. You find that The Place has taken control of the lunchroom. 6-inch turkey sandwiches abound but you don't want the turkey (and aren't thrilled with the white bread, or pretzels). They sit on the table. You remove the meat. You perservere. You make it through the day. You're like Monz.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Malic Acid!

The hospital bed has not been built that can keep Monz from his office! Lunch brought from home to tame Monz' ravaged bod: EggPlant and Rice dish with tofu spring rolls, all from Whole Foods. "Wholly yummy!" But will Monz supplement his diet with Malic Acid? Should he? Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Monz' Anatomy!
Yikety-yike-yikes! Monz takes himself to the hospital after being bit by a wild beast and bravely, but unsuccessfully, battling the venom until the pain was unbearable! Yet even then, Monz had text messaged us lunch (which our technical department is still trying to retrieve)!

Worry not, Monz is ok and now recovering at home. Yesterday at the hospital Monz ordered "room service" (they call it this now, probalby to justify the price when it appears on the bill!) of penne pasta marinara, chicken soup, side caesar salad, dinner roll and crandberry juice.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jack Lee Yummy Non-Lunch!

Monz leaves us hanging on the telelphone -- a cryptic message, but no lunch report!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We First, and Second, the Nomination!

In the past we've encouraged the Monz to "waive into" the Wisconsin bar, so the good citizens to our north can avail themselves to his quality legal services. But now we realize that those cheesehea...badgers need even more of the Monz' guidance. Consider this "Haiku suite, inspired by lunch at Fong's:"

Oh no! When the door
Opens, the eyes are hit with
The sight of people.

But the favorite.
Table is open. I Sit.
Nothing to read here.

The spider bite hurts
And makes it difficult to
Peruse the menu.

Triple Vegetables.
I has them. They are not as
Good as I wanted.

Well, it's no joke, on April 1st Wisconsin begins a search for a new Poet Laureate, and we have no doubt that they will waive that silly little residency requirement once they learn that Monz is available!

Monday, March 10, 2008

It's Good To Be King!

It's time for a fun MYL quiz! Usually we follow Monz' wishes and don't simply quote his lunch report, but today we must. Why? Because we're going to ask you to guess how much Monz' lunch was worth. Not how much it cost, but how much it's worth. Then, we'll tell you! Ok, so here's the report:

>>Amy's blackbean & vegetable enchilada and a side of Sssssssssssssssspicy corn from a local Mexican market. Staff goes undercover to try and determine the delicious mixture of spices used. No results yet.<<

So what did you guess? If you guessed $654.76 you'd be correct! See, we learned today that at the Emperor's VIP Club -- the same establishment frequented by one New York Governor Eliot Spitzer -- hourly services came with a floating rate of $5500.00/hour for the "seven diamond" option. Monz rated his lunch 5 out of 7, and it took him approximately 10 minutes to wolf it down. But of course it didn't cost anything near that amount. Once again Monz teaches us to live like a king without our wallets getting zinged!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Stop, Thieves!

Ok, while the editors were gone (and thank you Monz for guest blogging!), somebody seems to have broken into our "items we want to run someday" drawer, because we see people posting stuff we've been saving for weeks all over the Internet! So here's our now-lame offering here and blast from the past here. Thanks, theives, for destroying the joy! At least they didn't get to steal Monz' lunch of tofu Bento Box and shitake mushroom sushi from Whole Foods.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday's Child Has Learned To Tie His Bootlace!

Off to Bacci's for a quick lunch, only to learn that the new upstairs area is open as of today. The office staff were not allowed a peak at the new space yet as they were preparing for a political fundraiser to be held there. Anyway, lunch was bruschetta and spaghetti pomodoro.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Come Mr Tally Man!

Yesterday's lunch report was interrupted and ultimately sidelined by that pesky thing called work. Yesterday was a leftover Amy's Black Bean Tamale Verde. It has been defrosting the fridge here at the office for a week and it did not kill me.

Today, I took to the open road to a brand new restaurant which opened up here, Sabor Borinqueno. There were not a lot of veg offerings, so I wound up having a volcano, which was yummy, especially after I added some muy picante pickled pepper sauce! I'm pretty sure there was shrimp in there too. I had a side of plaintains which were extra good. This place made up for it's lack of breadth with exceptional customer service! The chef came out at one point to tell me my food was almost ready and then when it arrived, he came out and told me all about it, extolling its freshness and individuality. We then discussed the various hot sauce option until I settled on the pickled pepper sauce. All in all, a true lunch adventure!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Pulaski Day!

While the editorial staff at MYL take the day off to celebrate the life and times of Casimir Pulaski, I took the staff to Fong's for a small egg drop soup and broccoli with garlic sauce. It was good, and, most importantly, Fong's has never made me sick!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Penny Pinch!

In these tough times, MYL has a way for you lawyers working in downtown Chicago (and we know you are out there!) to stretch your dollar by saving on lunches. You may know that the Chicago Bar Association offers unlimited continuing legal education for a $125 flat fee. What you may not know is that they provide free lunches for their lunchtime seminars. The Legal Editor (LE) discovered this when he attended such a seminar this past week and was provided with a variety of lunch selections. He chose the turkey sandwich (with some sort of flavored cheese, lettuce and tomato, on chiabutta (sp?) bread, with Lays (tm) potato chips, a fruit cup, and a cookie).

There's just one downside. Say you already have all your mandatory CLE credit and are just there for the content (or the lunch!). Say, during this seminar, you get a, um, distressing feeling. And say the seminar is one of those where they pretty much are just reading through their power point presentation, which they've already given you. If you decide to leave, everyone else will glare at you with anger that you are cheating on your mandatory CLE by signing up for a seminar and not "doing your time" and they'll dream of finding out who you are and reporting you to the bar licensing board and you can't shout "but I didn't put my name down for CLE credit" because then you'll make an even bigger spectacle out of yourself. Nobody said lunch was easy.

It turns out Monz was indeed at Leno's yesterday, not the Place! Leftovers + minneola.

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