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Friday, July 09, 2004

Royal Update!

A correspondent who goes by the name "The Pigeon" has more on the Burger King. Apparently there was also a supporting cast of characters, among them his nemesis, the Duke of Doubt. The Burger King was something of a magician (or is that "some magician?" - Julian editor). "Take this burger, put it over here, make it move like magic, now watch it disappear! Toss these potatoes, see what's up? Lots of juicy french fries, it's magic, not luck!" We don't remember any of this, but we don't doubt it! Of course, nobody is more royal than our royal readers! Even the editors, who can only claim nobility through their ownership of real property in Scotland...

And speaking of pigeons, that reminds us of Monz' lunch: one half of the usual (the green half). This because the rest of the folks are off to KFC. Why not Monz, since he's already having a bird-based meal? "KFC is barely a bird -- too sickly to eat, it should be allowed to live in a field somewhere."
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