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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Back from where what makes Milwaukee famous is from, Monz heads to Jeff's for a turkey/bacon club, with 90% less bacon. Why? "Because bacon is evil." "100% evil?" "90% evil."

We don't know what the Monz thinks of Bell's beer, which is not from Milwaukee but rather is from the Kalamazoo Brewing Company (we quite like it ourselves), but we think their ad copy is something that Monz would have written. It's smu...er, confident. In fact, we could see it used for Monz beer...

"...Truth is, Monz' is awfully popular with people who, well, really like beer. You see, this is beer with a point of view. I've built a dedicated following among those who believe beer should have certain things. Like taste. People who think that beer should have a philosophy and some principles behind it. If you enjoy the cold Monz brew you're drinking right now, great. But if you don't , we're not about to apologize. And since my curiosity and craft leads us to brew all kinds of beer, we're pretty sure there's a good chance you'll find one you do like. If, you know, you like beer."

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