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Monday, March 27, 2006

Making Monz Proud!

Inspired by the munificient spirit that is Monz, the editors spent a non-Kinks Sunny Afternoon helping to clean Gill Park on the North Side of Chicago, then headed off to Delilah's to attend a friend of the blog's groovy dj event and to drown their sorrows over another friend's job loss. The stats tell the story!:

Number of beer bottle shards collected: inumerable
Number of cigarette butts collected: inummerable
Number of beer bottle caps collected: inummerable
Number of straws collected: approx. two dozen
Number of condom packages collected: three
Number of used condoms collected: one
Number of needle kits sans needles collected: one

And trust us, it's rare when the EIC outdrinks the Monz, however slightly!:

Number of beers consumed by Monz over weekend: 4 (Shiner Hefaweisen (sp?)= wheat, 1 Wittkebier, 1 Shiner Blond Ale -- hi Ale!)
Number of beers consumed over weekend (EIC): 1 (Bud select)
Number of bourbon shots: 4

We also learned Chuck Woolery was in a band ("The Avant Guarde") and had a top-40 (barely!) hit with "Naturally Stoned," which is surprisingly great.

The weekend has ended, but the stats continue:

Number of yummy Monz 3/27/06 lunches: 1 (Liversaussage on dark German wholegrain bread, both from Woodman's Market, 2 clementines (ditto) and carrots).
haaa! yes, you can call me Golden Ale! hehehe

ps: saluting your volunteering efforts-- but were there sexy volunteering ladies???

in NYC volunteering is the biggest pick-up sceene- no one does the bars anymore, its all about meeting while sweaping...  
Wish I had known that -- the only sweaping I did while dating was watching "Supermarket Sweap" on cable! Alas, it was the EIC, a dad, his two young boys, and a couple who are grandparents.  
I forgot to mention that I made the same lunch for my waife to take to work today. Also, EIC's description of my beer intake may be misleading: it should specify only 4 beers total for the weekend, two of those being Shiner Hefeweizens.  
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