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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Monz!Like the Monz, we say what we mean and mean what we say, but we're not mean!

Monz had a simple yet elegant lunch of bbq chicken breast on a french roll.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Revolt...or Revolting!

The following was received at the MYL in box:

>>Dear Sirs (or Madams): Do you take us for fools? Pictures of everyone and everything but this "Monz." Legions of "editors" covering every aspect of his life. An alleged pulitzer prize winning reporter [Clark McDermont -- and we never said he won the pulitizer, just nominated -- though he sure deserved to win! - ombudsmun]. And then this surely bogus description of the Monz. Bosh! Show us the Monz!<<

While normally we don't put crede in alleged Monz fans who don't even mention lunch, we suspect that nicer readers feel a soupcon of the same sentiments. Thus WE HAVE CONSULTED WITH MONZ AND HE HAS AGREED TO LET US SHOW YOU A PICTURE OF MONZ THAT RAN IN THE NEWSPAPER JUST LAST MONTH!!! Check back tomorrow - we can't do it today because Monz lunch was mediocre: "CSC again for a reuben panini and baked Lays and CFDC. They don't use really good corned beef, so it was a little tough and less than supremely yummy."

Monday, February 26, 2007

Can You Picture Perfect?!

Yes we're lazy, butwe really enjoyed this story. And Monz really enjoyed (but no more than enjoyed) his lunch of a turkey sandwich and chile from the CSC.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oh Yes!

What, you need more?! Ok, yes, Monz and Mrs. Monz were in Santa Monica. Yes, at the exquisite Shutters on the Beach. Yes, Monz had some rock shrimp thing and Mrs. Monz had some seafood sampler thing and yes they were awesome despite what might seem to be but isn't naysaying by using the terms "some ___ thing". Yes, they went to Sony Pictures afterwards. And yes, Blogger was down last night and the editors crashed and didn't blog first thing in the morning and received a call from an annoyed Monz who left a message about the blog that did not contain a hint of "omg what if the editors are lying in a hospital somewhere" tone of concern!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tricky Dick!
Monz delays lalalunch with some help from a hotel clerk who provided some cookies to tied him over. Then, accompanied by Mrs. Monz, they took a super secret trip to the Richard Nixon library for a superspecial turkey sandwich lunch which wasn't so special.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

He's Leaving on a Jet Plane!

He knows when he'll be back again. Monz prepares for lalaland (or close to it), but not before having some pollo loco on fwance bread roll, apple, and... red pepper hummus with crackers in a handy small lunch pack from Sabra!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Heads of the Class!

It's time for another MYL poll! But Monz lunch today is pretty cool, so just in case you don't like polls, let us tell you about it: after a morning in the McHenry County wild, it's back to the CSC for two dogs sans 'yuns, chili and a caf-free diet coke.

Now, check out the cartoons above. Who do you think is the talentless (there's a clue) misanthrope who created these?

Who Is the Creator of "Heads of the Class"(tm)?
Monz from the turn of the century!
EIC from the late 80's
Scott Turow from That 70's Decade
Mariah Carey Before She Was Discovered
Free polls from Pollhost.com


Monday, February 19, 2007

For Those Who Want More, Clue Four!

How much is the next MYL advice worth? About $120 (more if you wear a pacemaker).

You might think Monz' lunch of bbq chicken on a french roll with an apple is worth about $6. But if you tasted it, you'd know it's worth much more.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

On Guitar, Monz!

Blogging was delayed as we awaited the return of the Music Editor (ME) from a semi-secret record convention (rumoured to be held at a Holiday Inn off Interstate 290 just west of the Chicago city limits), where a snarfed the hottest bootleg on the streets: Monz' band's live show from last week! We offer up a munificient morsel here!

Momentous lunch on Friday: a yummy chicken burito from the mighty La Huitezquena in ever-improving Waukegan.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Confusing Cluethree!

Monz likes the tv show Lost. The editors like the tv show Lost. The concept of "lost" (the word, not the show) plays a big part in our secret and can be considered clue three, though "found" may be just as accurate.

It would be very accurate to report that Monz had bbq chicken on bagel bread, a banana and a couple of those jellow thingies.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why Can't You Pretend to Be Nice?!Ah, Valentine's Day. Monz takes a quick break from thoughts of his beloved wife to relay an ode to his beloved lunch! "I love my full turkey & ham sub with no onions and olive salad on the side from Tony's! And the editors relay a Valentine's Day poem from our favorite romantic movie after Heart and Souls,the woefully underratedJosie and the Pussycats!

I wish you well
I wish you love
I wish myself
All of the above.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Clue Two For You!

When a fierce storms strikes and turns your 40 minute commute home into 2:20, you dream of traveling far away. But if you're a Monz fan, you don't dream of cliche'd places like Hawaii or Jamaica. You dream of exotic beaches in sunny Australia, the quiet strength of out-of-the-tourist-belt Florida, or maybe even something quirkly like Japan. Japan, hmmmm!

Monz defies the dittolunch by adding some jello thingies and something else which he told us but foolishly we forgot to write down or ask to have emailed.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Against the Wind!

With Valentine's Day and its accompanying cloying jewlry commercials all about, we here at MYL return to an age-old theme: self-improvement via advice from the Monz! Yet we're in a taunting, teasing mood, so the editors plan a big buildup before letting you in on the mystery.

Hint 1: Have you noticed that Monz' lunch tends to consist of five main ingredients? Like today: BBQ Chicken, (bagel) bread, apple, pretzles, and a beverage. Five. 5. That's the first hint!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

And After the Show It's the Afterparty!

What could keep the editors from blogging Monz' Friday lunch? How about preparing to go to the debut gig of Monz' new band! That's right, our axe-weilding hero shredded some mean blues guitar to the wild cheers of dozens of beer-besotten onlookers during a 90 minute set (maybe longer -- traffic was so bad and parking at the general event was so non-existant that the editors had to take a shuttle bus from we-don't-know-how-far-away). As we speak the Music Editor (ME) is trying to secure a poorly recorded bootleg of the show he witnessed a fan talking with Mrs. Monz left of the stage taping.

Now someone as unpretentious as Monz doesn't require a rider with dozens of personal favorites on it! Monz buys some food ticks, grabs a Miller Light (we think), later stumbles on the good beer room and pulls a pint, then scarfs down a jumbo egg roll before checking out the jam band in the Southern Rock room. At this point the EIC lost the editorial staff and friends and started wandering the event aimlessly. Where did he find them, half a friggin' hour later? The casino, of course!

Back to Friday: The Usual turned Unusual (i.e., footlong turkey and ham from The Place, baked lays, diet a&w root beer.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lunch for You!

Monz chows down on a yummy BBQ'ed chicken sandwich on whole wheat bread and two sugar free Jell-o cups. It's cold!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hour of Power!

We were going to let Clark report today's lunch and get ready for the season re-premiere of Lost (also a Monz favorite), but then we saw this and knew we had to pass it along.

Today Monz was heroically stoic in court, then refueled with trusty bbq bird, apple and hummus.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Beseaching Monz!

We realize Monz has a lifelong relationship with General Motors cars. Many cherrished moments. His new Impala even saved his life last month, protecting him when a lesser car would have turned him into a crushed can manglemonz. But everyone has to turn against GM for the George-Saunders-without-Redemption-or-Humor evil they subjected us to during the Super Bowl (tm). They are unworthy of a hero who would race home to unfreeze his pipes and save lunch with a sweet onion styled bbq'd Bubba Burger (tm) with bbq sauce and Lebanse cous-cous.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Keep Reaching for the Stars!
Once upon a time the EIC was in full-throttle mock mode. His target: Rocky Mozell (sp?) and his
International Star Registry which purports to "name a star after someone." Monz would have none of it. Like the grasshopper, the EIC had much to learn, said Monz. Today the EIC heard a radio ad for the same company and realized he is just as confused as ever. BUT he remembered the wise words of Monz and turned the tables on Mozell: let's name a person after a star! Thus we give Monz the honorary title of Orion Thangapolon.

True to his nickname, Monz hunted down a yummy lunch of bbq chicken on whole wheat, an apple, and washed it down with copies quantities of naturally purified water.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Let Them Know Why You're Wearing the Crown!

People of Indianapolis, we don't hate you. Monz visited your city once. We don't recall him gagging. A little bored, but not terriby so. We read this article and think that Monz, bicycle enthusiast that he is, would quite enjoy that trail. We even appreciate that Indianapolis has the northern most Waffle House (even though it's called "Waffle & Steak" in your state thanks to some trademark dispute no doubt. You are more than welcome to sample Monz' lunch choice today: pot roast, veggies and mashed potatoes with gravy from CSC. Pretty good, except the icky earthy-tasting veggies. Yeah, pretty good, but not super!

Go Bears!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

High Level Diplomacy!

Several days ago a tape was delivered to the MYL offices. It contained a recording of two men in a heated discussion. Translated from the French:

>>But Monsieur Prime Minister, I beseach you...

No! Just who does this Monz think he is to tell me how to conduct my affairs!

He has many admirers. They say...

Bosh! Lunch?! Lunch?!. No, look here (sound of papers shuffling), we'll schedule these before lunch and...(muffled), hmm, bbq chicken on our national bread does sound good. Hmm -- ok, we'll try doing that after lunch!<<

We're sure this item has nothing to do with anything, and if it does, we're sure it's the drinking and not the lunching that made the difference. NOT!

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