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Monday, December 03, 2007

Yes, We Have No Bananas!The Food Editor (FE), moved by Monz' near-vegan quest, spent Sunday scouring Monz' local Dominick's looking for a yummy sauce to spice up his meals. After much effort he found it: a Heinz product from the Phillipines: Banana Hot Sauce! Of course, before presentation to the Monz it had to be tested. It was about this time the Chicago Bears literally threw away their playoff hopes for the season, causing the FE to take leave of his senses and create...a Banana Chilli Buba-Burger Cheeseburger (on whole wheat roll). As yummy as it was, it was so not-vegatarian, it could change a radio dial from Air America to the EIB Network!

Monz dines at home after a Cook County (Stroger!) adventure for a portobello sandwich from Panero. Too much cheese and too too much salt, plus good veggie soup.
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