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Monday, November 18, 2013

Here He Comes to Save the Day! 

We in the editors room at MYL headquarters hear it all the time: "there better be a darn good reason you haven't been posting or transcending time! There is, unfortunately we're not always at liberty to say. However, because you are such great readers and, by recognizing the crayobeauty of Monz' lunch and Monz' way, clearly are of superior character, we felt we needed to share something with you.
So, as you can see, world leaders such as President Obama often seek the MYL guidance, particularly in times of strife and turbulance. Now, in a drone-snowd world gone man, we can't tell you exactly what great things the Monz is accomplishing. Maybe he's rescuing health care reform. Maybe he's solving a deathly world crisis before it starts. Maybe he's saving somebody from a boring carb-heavy diet straight out of some urban garden. But we can tell you this: it is good, and it is yummy. Just like Monz' lunch today of two spicy Italian chicken sausages, and an egg!
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