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Friday, November 04, 2011

Back, Yet Never Away!

To the faithful followers of Monz and his lunch: the editors and the myl staff appreciate your patience, even as you endure the bleakest times in memory of a generation. Where have we been, you ask? All shall be revealed, but suffice to say, the necessary work of Monzyummylunch could only be accomplished off the grid. Skeptical you say? Fair enough! Well, remember this?


Or maybe you remember our mind-blowing expose of Don Lapre and were waiting for an update?


But none of that compares with the work the editors, along with the craaaaaack myl research department, have been doing to discover the real cause of the malaise-inducing, hope-depressing, decline in both our economy and society. And. We. Have.

No other forum is capable of providing the inspiration, nourishment, and intelligent readership fitting of such a story. No other eater is capable of providing the example of munificence to inspire it! And nobody other than the Monz could announce as sublime of a lunch as tuna salad on tomatoes on lettuce from the County Cafe. Well, maybe others could but not with the same aura. Monz pronounced it "tasty!"

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