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Thursday, March 25, 2004

We All Have Needs!

Like, say, sleep! Just joshing. But there's nothing funny about being denied a yummy lunch, which is why we were so glad to read this report:

"" Healthy Choice Turkey:

Pretty gosh-darned yummy, if a little small. And kudos to HC for the yummy pumpkin dessert!"

(Link provided by the man himself -- can blogging be far behind?)

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Hamming It Up!

A strong rebound from chain resturant anonymity with a Monz-made (yes, Monz-made!) creation featuring smoked and honey ham, munster cheese, and other nuances (never you mind that some of these materials came from Max's deli, they couldn't come up with this creation in a New York Millenium!). Not only yummy, "refreshing!"
Tool Of The Week!

That would be your editors, who forgot yesterday's lunch, though there were extenuating circumstances. Appropo-ately enough, Monz had the Turkey O'Toole (or some such monstrosity) from Bennigan's, though it was adequate in its corporate way...

Monday, March 22, 2004

To The Max!

Corned beef brought-in from Max's Deli (not to be confused with Max and Benny's Deli) for a special treat. We'd be more enthusiastic, except the editors had a bad experience at this establishment. It's 3PM and the place is empty and we're entertaining an out-of-town friend. After chowing-down, we're sitting around conversing. The busboy keeps coming around wanting to clear the table, as if there are tons of people lined-up who have waited 30 minutes and need to get in. When we finally tell him, politely, to buzz-off, he gives us a semi-obscene gesture, impolitely. The whole experience made us feel like we had just seen a boring flick. That said, Monz is quite confident that lunch will be yummy.


Friday, March 19, 2004

When You Come Down!

What's Monz eating? Turkey bacon club from Jeff's. What's Monz reading? This!


Thursday, March 18, 2004

Why Whine When There's Wine?!


Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Who Cast The First Stone?!

China Chef, that's who, right into Monz' chops! Or more specifically, there was a rock in the Kung Pao Chicken! We are certain Monz will prevail. The question is, will Monz introduce C.C. to the pavement they so richly deserve? Or will he order from them again tomorrow?
The Next BIG Thing!

You want big? Check out this Monz-sized lunch from the China Chef: Hawian friedn rice, large kung pao chicken and veggie eggroll. We then asked Monz if he had heard about the latest next big thing out of England. Monz saves you time: "It can't be that great. Period."


Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Monz knew geeks. Geeks were Monz' friends. And Greek Squad (or whoever these alleged DSL installers were called), Monz will tell you that you're no geeks! So while waiting for the corporate geeks to arrive, Monz was at home and we don't know what he had for lunch.


Monday, March 15, 2004

Monz Like Rick Nielsen?!

Well, he sure mastered the doctor, then returned home and surrendered to some turkey sloppy joes. You just know he's gonna raise hell...


Friday, March 12, 2004

Monz Like Ike Turner?!

Because today he was the Acid King...ok, that's a stretch, but suffice to say we're far from sure whether Monz got to enjoy his double turkey sub from Jeff's.


Thursday, March 11, 2004

Don't Go Back To Eh-Ville!

It was a dispassioned Monz who was soon to dine on some Healthy Choice (tm) frozen dinner. That is, dispassioned until we stumbled into asking him if there was any Jackson Browne that he enjoyed.

The surprised, mocking laughter still rings in our ears...


Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Mystery Solved!

Tragically, the truth has come out. Today Monz was forced to drop his plans for a human, humane lunch, and was left with leftovers from Monday's mystery lunch: cold chilli. He also had these comments about the new new choice for One-book Chicago: It's Stuart Dybek again - 'HERE I AM, SURPRISE!!!"


Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Compare And Contrast!

With the editors still feeling the blahs and Monz' lunch feeling a little blah ("Gigantadogs from Portillos." "Is that what they call them?" "I dunno." "So how were they?" "Eh." -- ok, the conversation did end with some sort of talk about driving flaming spikes through brains, but anyway...), we thought we'd share a recent blog entry by the famous Glenn Reynolds of InstaPundit. Hope you don't sue us Glenn!

>>WENT TO FUDDRUCKER'S with the kids the other night and had an Ostrich Burger. It was yummy and low-fat. A couple of other places in town have them, and some also serve Buffalo Burgers, which are also yummy and lowfat.

I talked to the manager and he said that the ostrich was selling well. I asked him whether that was because of its low-fat nature, or because of fears about Mad Cow. He wasn't sure which, but said that given the number of regular burgers they were selling he didn't think that Mad Cow fears were very widespread. That seems about right to me.

I'm a big fan of both ostrich and buffalo, and I'd certainly like to see them become more common -- they're much healthier, and taste just as good. In fact, I actually prefer the buffalo to regular ground beef. I suspect that whether or not Mad Cow fears are affecting consumer behavior, they're at least making people in the food business look at alternative products, just in case. And although I think that Mad Cow fears are probably overrated, I'll be happy if that makes these alterna-burgers more common.<<

Monday, March 08, 2004

Sisyphus Us!

Your war reporters here at myl have not been home in 48 hours. They've literally had 2 hours of sleep in that time. They are still at work, in a cold, lonely office. But something keeps driving them on...must...blog...monzlunch...Must...Blog...Monzlunch...MUST...BLOG...MONZLUNCH

there's no word.

Friday, March 05, 2004

You're A Winner!

Today Monz will dine on leftovers from the China Chef. Yes, we know, we didn't mention that yesterday's cuisine came from the CC. We also have received some flack recently for not posting corrections in a timely manner. ("Transend time!" - Groove Editior).

How was it? "Yesterday it was yummy -- I bet it is yummy today too."

If we were you, we wouldn't take odds on that. Like the house, Monz wins!

Thursday, March 04, 2004

"Yo Homies!"

Monz marvels at the utter hipness of today's lunch, which consists of a large Haiwian fried rice, kung pao chicken, and veggie egg roll.

More importantly: in the interest of full disclosure, both the man himself and a faithful reader have taken serious issue with the myl staff's comments yesterday about the nearly-expired meal bars. We think they taste not of what they speak. Nontheless, we must report that they think we are wimps on the matter.

Even more importantly: correction from yesterday, it wasn't just corned beef, it was a Reuben.

Most importantly, next time Monz visits his cridge (which we hear won't be until 2005 at the earliest), maybe he'll try this local delicacy.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Corned beef from Bennigan's. Iffy, we know, but it turned out ok. We can't say more because of our own lunch difficulties. Pray tell? Ok, but prepare for a tale of woe.

Realizing that we would be stuck inside the office for lunch again today and that we were out of meal replacement bars, we stopped by a local drugstore chain for replacements. We chose the Cinamon Toast Curnch Milk 'n Cereal bar. When we get to the office, we see that they are "best used by April 4, 2004." Ewww - that means they've been sitting on the local drugstore chain shelf for eons!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Doing The Blog Things So Conservatively!

First things first: Corned beef sandwich from Jewel, with an unexplainable white bun. Amy partially saves with donation of her beef.

Now, finishing our mission to give you voters what you need to know, here is the self-proclaimed cooking prowess of the GOPs:

John Borling: "My German potato salad is world famous."

Norm Hill: "I love the charcoal grill...and probably steaks."

Chirnjeev Kathuria: "An Indian dish called chicken biryani."

Andrew McKenna Jr.: "Heated-up Stouffer's [frozen] lazagna...Or I can barbeque salmon. I guess that's better."

Jim Oberweis: "I can make a great grilled chicken salad and I can make popcorn. And guacamole. And that's about it."

Steve Rauschenberger: "Twice-baked potatoes."

Jack Ryan: "Spaghetti in boiling water for nine minutes. [Then] either butter and parmesan cheese or Ragu is pretty good, too."

Jonathan Wright: "Scrambled eggs and bacon."

Monday, March 01, 2004

Good Company!

Seems Monz isn't alone in his contempt for Long John Silvers!

Choose Or Lose!

At monzyummylunch we want you to cast an informed ballot in the upcomming primaries. Towards that end, we reprint the following from today's Chicago Sun-Times, which querried the Democrats running for senate on what is the best meal they can cook. The responses:

Barack Obama: "I can make a mean bowl of chili."

Blair Hull: Pancakes

Dan Hynes: I am big into the Shake and Bake pork chops."

Maria Pappas: "I should be in another business. I'm the best cook. I really am. I can cook anything. You name it."

Gery Chico: "Ribs on the grill."

Nancy Skinner: "I can dial a mean pizza."

Joyce Washington: Grilled Chicken

Oh, Monz had a turkey-bacon club from Jeff's, historically yummy. More to follow.

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